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Morning Routine

Posted by Joanne on Jun 22, 2016 in Romance

Adele slapped the alarm off and sighed before throwing her feet over the side of the bed. Another day, another dollar, she thought as she trudged into the bathroom. The smell of coffee, her coffee pot on a timer to make sure that was the smell that greeted her upon awakening, filled the chill morning air with the smell of happiness. At least that’s what Adele thought that smell was and she was sure most caffeine addicts would agree.

She stared into the mirror for a moment before washing up. Yeesh, she thought I need a makeup artist Manchester. She pushed the thought aside to wash up before jumping in the shower, hoping the pulsating spray would begin the job she was depending on the coffee to finish of waking her up. Thirty minutes later, she walked out of her apartment, travel mug in hand, ready to face the day.

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When the sun came up

Posted by Joanne on Jun 16, 2016 in Health

I was in Thailand on a business trip. We were late that night, partying with members of my company. We were celebrating a deal we had closed. There were drinks going around and dancing and singing and pretty soon I couldn’t even tell which way was up or what language we were speaking. So crazy. It was half past two when Jordon suggested getting a Liverpool thai massage. He made the suggestion sound sleazy, greasy, like we should expect more than a massage. I laughed and agreed. It was 2 am, who was going to even be open? Well, it turns out the place next door was. Happy sunrise, or something like that. We went in, all six of us, and we watched in horror as Jordon ambled up to the counter. With some heavy handed insinuations he ordered the massages. Turns out 2am rub-downs aren’t what you’d expect, even in Thailand.

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Every Neighborhood Has An Overachiever

Posted by Joanne on Jun 13, 2016 in Gardening

Every homeowner wants their property to be clean and well maintained so they usually spend some time providing routine maintenance such as cutting grass, pulling weeds, and planting flowers. Some people take this perfectly manicured lawn business to an even higher level and it makes the rest of the neighborhood either feel bad about their homes or step up and try to compete with the overachievers.

These are the folks that build elaborate backyard patios with fire pits and colored silica sand decorating the paving stone walkway which of course is lighted the whole way by multi-colored solar panels. While everyone deserves the chance to have the home of their dreams and should take advantage of their own creative imaginations, those who are left in an average home should not have to feel unworthy to be in the same neighborhood as the folks who go above and beyond to impress others.

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Sales Spit-tacular!

Posted by Joanne on Jun 12, 2016 in Gardening

I took a customer service job at Schmittauer and Sons, a major supplier of silica sand. We answered phones with: “Schmittauer and Sons silica sand suppliers, may I take your order?” I practiced, but sometimes I said “Shunz” instead of “Sons” or made other tongue-twisting mistakes. Then, on September 1, the boss told us about our September Sale. During September, we had to tack “September Super-Sale” to the end of the company name.

Better phone reps than me began to fall, calling in sick, taking sudden vacations, or just plain quitting. Soon, there were only three of us, furiously answering phones and trying to keep the saliva level down. It was hard, but when October finally came, I found that our usual spiel was now a breeze! No more “Shunz” for me.

I’d still be working there, if I hadn’t gotten braces.

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A Pretty Sweet Gig?

Posted by Joanne on Jun 2, 2016 in Marketing

I’ve always been a hard-working person, just about anyone can tell you. But I’ve got to say, I think I might be looking to switch jobs in the near future to something that seems to me like it is a pretty easy job. Know what I’m talking about? Hostesses London. Why, you ask?

My friends and I went out the other night for some appetizers and drinks at one of our favorite local spots. Anyway it was about as busy as any Tuesday night (you can read that as slow). So my friends and I walk in and the hostess is just on her phone. I know I shouldn’t judge, but I think it must be a pretty easy job even when it is busy.

Think about it: the wait staff really deal with the customers, the kitchen and bar staff really take care of the food and drink prep, and usually receive most of the flak. The host/hostess? They just say “Hi,” ask you how many in your party, maybe answer the “how long is the wait” question, and seat you and your party. I think they even get paid better than wait staff.

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They Did It All

Posted by Joanne on May 14, 2016 in Business

I am so excited for all that happened at a recent event that I put on. Going into the event, I was a bit nervous about how things would go and I wasn’t sure that I would have the help that I needed to make a good impression on those who showed up. In the end, though, the event staff London that I chose came through and they made everything perfect. Everyone who was a part of my event seemed to enjoy it and all that it had to offer. Everyone who showed up seemed to think that I put on a good event. I am so happy for the staff that I had on hand and the fact that what they did to make my event a success will positively influence me and my business in the future. Everyone loves me now.

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How I Keep My Husband Happy

Posted by Joanne on May 12, 2016 in Therapy

I have been married for 20 years. People often ask me how my husband and I managed to keep our marriage together for so long. I tell them that I have always been focused on keeping my husband happy. He does not ask me for much, but when he does ask me for something, he gets what he wants. He also tries his best to keep me happy. I really do not even have to ask for anything because he already goes out of his way to please me.

My husband and I do a lot of things together. We really do not even like to be apart from one another. Last Saturday, we went out to eat and then got a Thai massage Manchester. After that, we went home and watched movies for the rest of the day.

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Keep Her Happy with Flowers

Posted by Joanne on May 10, 2016 in Happiness

I’ve always been a fan of sending out flowers to my special lady friends. It is just something I’ve always enjoyed doing. Not because I have to but because I really like to see the smiles on their faces and hear how excited they become. I don’t just send flowers when I’m in trouble but because I feel like it. However, I don’t want to just pick out the random flowers because I don’t really know what I’m doing. Although I could always select flowers from the local Harrogate florist, I don’t really have much of a way of combining colors. I just don’t have that color pallet at my disposal. This is exactly why I go to see the professional and check out what they are able to provide me. With the professionals, I am able to receive help and have them show me what I need to know about selecting flowers.